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Training Services


Dog moms turn to me when they're ready to enjoy stress-free walks with their pups, free from leash pulling and barking at other dogs.

Training Plan Call!

Welcome to your first step a Free Training Plan Call!


Unlock the potential for a lifetime of happiness with your furry companion through our complimentary evaluation session. This phone call is an opportunity for us to dive into the specific needs of your dog and understand your training goals.


During this 15-minute call, we'll engage in a discussion about what you're seeking in training and how I can assist you. I'm here to listen, provide guidance, and tailor our approach to suit your unique situation.


As a bonus, I'll share a free tip or resource that aligns perfectly with your end goal. This personalized insight will give you a glimpse into the kind of support and expertise you can expect from my training program.


A world of joyful moments and a stronger bond with your dog is just a quick phone call away. Let's embark on this journey together to uncover the keys to a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your beloved furry friend.


Schedule your free evaluation call today and take the first step towards a lifetime of happiness with your dog!


Pawsitive Puppy Beginnings

Start your puppy off on the right paw with RK9 Training's Pawsitive Puppy Beginnings program! This program consists of 6 sessions in your home (must be in the city of Chicago), where I will work with you and your puppy to learn their name, touch, sit, leash walking, recall/coming when called, dog body language, enrichment, over reactivity, and much more! It all starts with a free 15 minute training plan call, and then I'll come to your home and help you and your pup get off to a great start. Don't miss this chance to get your puppy the best start in life! For a limited time first time clients will get a welcome packet that will include a treat pouch, poop bag, and Blue-9 Balance Harness! For impressive walking skills and a little fashion.


Wag & Learn Walks

The perfect blend of exercise and training for your furry family! Our 30-minute sessions are designed to provide your pup with a stimulating walk while addressing common behavioral challenges such as leash pulling and reactivity.

At Wag & Learn Walks, I believe that every pup can become a confident and well-mannered companion with the right guidance. Using positive reinforcement techniques, I will teach your dog proper leash manners and improve their overall behavior.

Whether your pup needs a bit of extra help with reactivity or simply needs to burn off some energy in a productive way, Wag & Learn Walks is here to make your daily walks more enjoyable and stress-free. Join us for a walk where learning and fun go hand-in-paw!

​5 sessions=$250

Virtual Pawsitive Puppy Beginnings

Ready to give your puppy the best start in life? Look no further than RK9 Training LLC’s Virtual Pawsitive Puppy Beginnings. Our 6 session program virtually over Google Meet up will help you and your pup learn the basics such as their name, touch, sit, leash walking, recall/coming when called, dog body language, and enrichment. The added benefit of virtual training is you have all the great advice as in person for almost half the cost, a qualified trainer at your fingertips, and the first step is FREE a 15 minute call so we can set you up for success! Start your pup off right and sign up for Virtual Pawsitive Puppy Beginnings today.


Unforgettable Summer Guide

Unforgettable Summer is the perfect starter guide to get your pup ready for all the dog-friendly adventures you have planned this summer. Don't spend the season cooped up at home when you can enjoy it together!

Get your free guide with the button below!

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