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People I Trust

This list of local businesses have been personally selected to help you with your pups every need! If you are looking for a fabulous dog walker, groomer, or something cute to wear this is the spot. 

Check out some great local dog businesses!


Paws for Walks Chicago

Hey Pet Parents! Do you want a fabulous dog walker, dog/cat sitter, or dog boarding? You are busy, maybe you are headed back to work and are thinking about your pet being home too long alone. Well Paws for Walks Chicago has your back!

They have over 9 years of experience to create the same love and caring environment that you do. Walks are 100% private so your dog will never be crowded with a ton of strange dogs that they may not get along with. Boarding/Daycare they provide is in your home so your dog will have more one on one attention, less stress, and feel more relaxed than the traditional daycare environment.

Check out @pawsforwalkschicago to learn more!

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Squeaky Bea's

Squeaky Bea's is a thoughtfully curated dog + cat supplies store in the heart of Logan Square. We pride ourselves in our selection of high quality nutritious foods + treatos, enrichment toys, natural grooming products and more, all in a design-forward space! We focus on women-owned brands, sustainability and locally made products.

Check out @squeakybeas to learn more!

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Chicago Urban Pets

Hey, busy bees of Chicago!! You know work, kids, grocery shopping, and errands take up so much time of your day. The last thing you think about is going on a walk with your dog.


Well, @chicagourbanpets has you covered! With a full, incredible staff of animal care pros, your dog will get their time enjoying the neighborhood.


Get your consultant with them soon for your dog walking, cat sitting, and overnight care needs.

Pet Massage Plus.jpg

Pet Massage Plus

Are you still looking for a special gift for your fur pal? Pet Massage Plus is your answer! Therapeutic Animal massage is so beneficial for your dogs it can enrich, heal, soothe, and support them in their everyday lives. So you can keep their walks long, minds sharp, and playtime pain-free!

🐶 Pet Massage Plus is dedicated to providing your animal companions with healthy joints, stronger bodies, improved mobility, injury prevention, and pain relief. Pet parents can see life-changing results that improve their dogs quality of life whether they have chronic conditions, injury complications, or high-activity tension.

💌 Check out @petmassageplus to learn more! Gift cards available!


The Poofessional

Ready to make a difference? Biodegradable poop bags are the way! Get rid of those plastic bags that end up in the waters and hurt our world. 🌎

Landfills receive 27 million TONS of plastics every day! You can have a huge impact on the turn.

Try biodegradable poop bags and all of your 💩 essentials at @thepoofessional


Good Boy Grooming!

Poodle parents! Have you seen other poodles with fabulous cuts/colors and thought 🤔 I really want to be creative with mine 2! Well Nick is your answer!

🐩 With a big passion for poodles, Good Boy Grooming will have your pup looking amazing!

Check out @gbdoggrooming to see more! Or reach out by email

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