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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to answer your questions about training or anything else you want to know.

Pimping our new collar!!.jpg
Pimping our new collar!!.jpg

What is Positive Training?

We hear it a lot when talking about training animals. Positive Reinforcement Training is the learning method of using rewards to make a behavior more likely to happen again. The rewards should vary, most commonly food is used but you can also use toys or play. The biggest key to a successful reward is to look at what the animal thinks is the most valuable.


If you noticed I never actually said dogs because this method is used on all animals! By rewarding things that you like, they become a good thing to the animal as well. When they are a good thing to the animal they become the go to action the next time they are in the same situation.

What is Obedience Training?

Obedience is the first things most dogs should know such as sit, their name, recall, walking nicely on leash, etc. Teaching these things first sets your dog up for success in life and teaches you how to communicate with them.


Is Training at Home Better?

Starting training at home is definitely better in my opinion! Learning in a familiar, quiet, and controlled environment to begin with lets your dog focus and retain all that training that you both have been working on. It is important to practice skills in different environments once they are good at them at home.

How quickly will I see results?

Results are different with every dog and handler team. The key to seeing consistent results is practicing. Even if you practice 5 minutes a day that will keep those skills up.

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