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Terms and Conditions

Private lessons policy:

RK9 Training LLC shall provide dog training services to the program and on the terms set forth under Training Program/Terms as set forth in this Contract. The training program shall include instruction to the client on the use of the equipment and methods of training the pet. I understand and agree that RK9 Training LLC cannot and will not assume or accept responsibility for the performance or behavior of my dog. I am aware that behavior problems will be addressed during training and that the trainer, under some circumstances, will take measures necessary to ensure the safety of all involved and any other who may be in the surrounding area based on the sole discretion of RK9 Training LLC.

I also understand that RK9 Training LLC cannot and does not guarantee that behavior problems will be controlled, modified, or eliminated. I understand that all dogs are trained by RK9 Training LLC without liability on its part for loss or damage by or from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, or injury to persons, other dogs, or property by said dog(s), or other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care having been exercised by RK9 Training LLC.

I understand that RK9 Training equipment is not to be left unattended or overnight and I am responsible for reading instructions or other materials provided by the manufacturer or RK9 Training LLC.

Scheduling: Client is responsible for contacting RK9 Training LLC office for scheduling, canceling, or postponing all appointments. If there is no notice of cancelation 24 hours before or no show the day of a session there will be a fee which is the cost of a full session. If there is no contact with the trainer within 15 minutes of the designated time, it will be deemed a no-show, and the session will be counted in full against the client's session allotment. Time is of the essence to help ensure successful training; therefore, private instructional lessons must be completed no later than 16 weeks from the first session. In the event of intense weather conditions, training may be rescheduled. You will be notified at the earliest that those conditions seem unsafe to travel.

Payment: Account must be paid in full at time of booking or least 24 hours prior to the first training lesson.  Should a refund or change of training program be requested prior to training, a processing fee of $9 of the full amount shall be incurred as well as fees for time, lessons or mileage that were rendered. After completion of third session refunds are no longer eligible. 

Images: Trainer may photograph and/or video training sessions for future use in training, advertising, or other purposes. Client hereby provides their continuing consent to RK9 Training LLC for the taking, usage, and distribution of images/video of Client and pet.

Results: All dogs have different temperaments, and their owners vary in ability and willingness to follow the program; therefore, results will vary.

If the pet is aggressive, the client shall use a muzzle during all training sessions as recommended by RK9 Training LLC. There are no guarantees that aggression will disappear with training, so it is the client’s responsibility to muzzle the dog and avoid potentially problematic situations at all times, not just during the training sessions.

Client hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold RK9 Training LLC and the property/business owner where any training shall be conducted harmlessly from and against any loss, damage, liability, suit, claim, cost, or expense, specifically including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees arising from or relating to any injury to person or to property sustained as a direct result of the Client’s pet.

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