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Client Testimonials

Hear what past clients have to say about Positive Reinforcement Training!

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I started the training kind of hopeless. I had done several trainings before and my pup took the basic commands (1 or 2) and that was about it. Kelly was knowledgeable, patient, loving and taught us both a lot. We finished the training knowing we can do this! My doggie is happier, as well as my neighbors and 3 young daughters 😂 our dog doesn’t jump on them or steals their bows from their head anymore yey!! It has been such an amazing positive change in such a short time and in a very doable/ practical way for my busy schedule. Now I can skip the *expensive* board and train. Thank you Kelly!! For being on time, reliable, organized, sweet, knowledgeable, patient with me and my girls and flexible with out needs. 👏

— Alejandra


I highly recommend Kelly and RK9 Training! Kelly is so knowledgeable and friendly. My puppy, Ollie, loves her and is always so excited to see her for training. After just a few sessions with Kelly, Ollie has a great handle on the basics (sit, down, wait, stay, touch, leave it, drop it, place, etc.), as well as some fun tricks like spin and roll over. Kelly only uses positive reinforcement training, which was important to me and worked so well for my pup. I also gained so much from having Kelly as our trainer. As a new puppy owner, I had a lot of questions and would at times feel overwhelmed. During each session, Kelly would patiently listen and provide such encouraging advice and guidance. I immediately relaxed every time she was here and felt more confident moving forward. This helped foster an even better relationship between me and my pup. Spending money on training your dog is an investment, but your money will go a long way with Kelly and RK9 Training!

— Laurie

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"Love Kelly! She's an amazing trainer! I have many animals and she helps them with different behavioral issues. Still working my puppy to listen more and so far a work in progress!!"

— Ana


"Kelly and RK9 were a lifesaver to me and my family, Kelly gave me all the tools that I needed to teach my dog how to properly walk on leash so her and I could both enjoy our time together. Kelly is punctual, patient, and my dog absolutely loved her. In one week my dog changed massively all because of the I received from RK9. I highly recommend Kelly!

— Katie


"I have really enjoyed working with Kelly on training my puppy. We met three times and covered some basic but fundamental things. Kelly is calm and confident and has a really innate ability to work with animals. She is punctual, follows up sessions with information and to answer lingering questions, and genuinely cares about your pup's progress. I feel like I've learned a lot from Kelly about puppies and dogs, in general, which is so helpful moving forward as I get to know my own dog. Highly recommend!"

— Naomi


"We are so happy that we chose to work with Kelly! We recently moved from Los Angeles to Chicago and our 2 year old Goldendoodle was having some trouble acclimating to the craziness of city life. Kelly helped us work on reactivity training with electric scooters and other dogs. She gave us a lot of tips and was always available to answer any questions we had whether in person or over text. It was really easy working with Kelly and I appreciated her positive attitude, easy scheduling, and how punctual she was! I would definitely recommend Kelly to anyone looking for some dog training guidance."

— Tre


"I had a great experience with Kelly for training my pup Candy, who suffers from anxiety when outdoors. Within 4 meetings with Kelly, our walks have become much more enjoyable for both Candy and I. Kelly also provided with loads of resources for other ways to release anxiety for my dog's breed specifically based on her evaluation. Kelly is a great trainer and a very friendly person (to both humans and dogs), I can't recommend her enough!"

— Aditi


"Kelly is very unique on how she trains your dog. She helps you and your dog connect on a different level of understanding each other. She will help you if you have any questions on anything and will go step by step with you. If you keep up with the training you'll definitely see a difference in your dog in no time!"

— Amy


I highly recommend working with Kelly. We were struggling with impulse control with our 1 year pup. Even after one session with Kelly, our toolbox had grown tremendously and I felt more confident handling our pup. Now after four sessions, we can't believe how smart and obedient our dog is and it is all thanks to Kelly.

— Molly


"We had a great experience with Kelly. She is awesome! Training went really well and helped us a lot with our puppy."

— Adriana

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