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Kelly Weekly training a dog.

I help new dog owners say goodbye to puppy-chaos and hello to pawfect leash walking, listening skills and happy homes.

Puppy training service in Chicago

Support to go from Chaotic Puppy to Calm Dog

Puppies, like humans, learn best when they are treated without the use of intimidation, suppression, or fear. That is why RK9 Training LLC is committed to creating lasting communication skills between puppies and their people using positive reinforcement. Positive training is the use of rewards, a lot of the time with food, to increase the behavior that we like. Over time with repetition your puppy will choose to do the behaviors that got them the rewards before. This is the best way to make your relationship between your puppy better, they feel safe with you because you will not only be communicating when they do something you may not like but you will be teaching them what you want.

Puppy parents, are you ready to be proud of your fur pal?

Do you struggle with potty training your pup, walking well on leash, or manners around your guest? Have no fear, I'm Kelly and I work with puppies like yours everyday! Do you want your puppy to come back to you at the dog park, not chew up your furniture, or stop jumping all over your guest?

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If you want to keep up to date on all things puppy related and fun tips be sure to follow me on Instagram. New post will be up every week! IG is also the easiest way to contact me if you have any questions about your puppy problems.

Enrichment Video

Enrichment is giving your puppy things to do that are naturally entertaining and mentally stimulating. Engaging in fun games can potentially relieve some problem behaviors, boredom, and anxieties. The best part of enrichment is it can be done at home with things around the house like boxes and some random toys.

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