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BALANCE Harness Want a dog harness that stops the pulling and actually fits? We pulled it off.

Six-point adjustment for the ultimate comfort, freedom and control. The only thing worse than walking a dog that’s always pulling? Pulling on a new harness and realizing it’s never going to fit. And most don’t. That’s why we created the Balance Harness—the six-point adjustable solution that ensures your dog has the proper fit for comfort, safety and range of movement. Looking for a no-pull harness that doesn’t cause chaffing, choking, or restriction - you’ve found the one.

Designed by dog training experts for:
The Perfect Fit
Six-point adjustment ensures a secure and comfortable fit.
Total Range of Motion
Delivers comfort and safety while offering the freedom to move.
Multiple Leash Attachments
Use the front and/or back rings to help manage pulling.
Use with Lead Multi-Use Leash
Pairs perfectly with our double-ended training leash.
Buckle on Neck Loop
For dogs that don’t enjoy having harnesses slipped over their head.
Easy Cleaning
Made of washable soft-touch nylon.

Balance Harness Blue-9

  • FITTING TIPS Fit the Balance Harness® to your dog when they are tired as it may take some fine tuning of adjustments to get the right fit. Watch the video for more tips.

    CHEW PREVENTION Dogs love to chew. Be sure to remove the harness while not in use and keep out of reach of nylon-loving mouths. Always supervise your dog when they are wearing the harness. It only takes a blink of an eye for your canine’s razor-sharp teeth to start wearing away at the nylon.

    LOOSE-LEASH WALKING • If you have a strong puller, use on Multi-Function leash to attached both the front and rear attachment points of the harness. • Do not allow your dog to practice pulling forward, be sure to stop walking and allow the front clip to redirect your dog to walking towards you when the dog pulls. Once your dog has regained focus on you, begin walking again. 

    Has you dog mastered walking politely on leash? Speak with your trainer to see if your dog is ready to begin off-leash heeling. Our Tab leash is the perfect tool to transition your dog to leash walking skills!

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